Wednesday, November 25, 2009

bookmark for him (free gift)

scrapped notebook from him to her

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a scrap notebook
theme: black and pink
remarks: gift from him to her...2-yr relationship
finishing touch: name spelt out on a pvc clear sheet instead on the cover page

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thank you, marilyn!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

went to popular to get these two mounting boards - black and red

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i know that i need lots of different techniques in order to produce better and nicer notebooks. and for the record, to date i have received 4 orders to complete by december. and this round i'll be using more clips and frames. my hubby will help me to cut mounting board as frames and corners. and i plan to have 1 of the books to have a mounting board frame as the cover page, and bound not using the normal white binding spine, but the silver rings. i can visualise how cool it will be. as everything will depend on all the details, well...i need to be more creative when using eyelets this time, especially when playing around with patterned papers and cardstocks. eyelets, papers and cardstocks sound very basic and elementary. but after watching more video tutorials over the youtube, i realize every detail on these basics makes lots of difference.

this time my work will be more challenging because i will be applying new techniques and totally different layouts for all the 4 books. even the themes vary. outdoor, tomboyish, funky and all-floral themes will allow me to play and discover.

my hub asked me to get airbrush whilst my eldest girl found a portable binding machine at a shop somewhere in limbang. i'm not sure if i have enough funds to go around. why? it's another story in my another blog.

anyhow, this is one of the techniques that i'd love to try...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fatin's new cover page, dividers and tags

Sunday, November 8, 2009

fatin has been asking for a new cover page for her scrapped notebook. so, today i executed the new pages, dividers and tags for her...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

scrapbooking started only as a leisure past time to relieve my stress but somehow it took a turning point and subsequently it is now glued on me as an undivided passion.

i never initiated my work to go for sales. there has never been such plan but it happened. it started as gifts i made for my friends appreciating the bonding, for their birthdays or simply as farewell gifts. and realizing of how forgetful a person i am, i decided to preserve them in pictures and post them on my blogs for journaling purpose. not only for records but also for me to assess the progress i made.

gradually these pictures have attracted my FB friends, bloggermates, colleagues and friends of my children and i have since been receiving queries and orders for my work. i am pleased with myself because i have always wanted to make a mark in my life and scrapbooking has somehow let me create a colourful mark independently.

and now i have started to receive order from malaysia. but i need to survey how can the payment be transferred to me at their convenience. i do not wish to trouble anyone. for them, i want to execute something so beautiful that they will give the first look with a WOW!

i am currently studying tim holtz' layouts and creations. there is no way i can copy his work because i am really lousy at 'copy and paste'. tim, like the others namely marion, heidi, janet etc., never failed to leave his signature on his work. one look and you know it's tim's. that's what has always inspired me. i want to create my own signature work. i am making that my goal. 2009 will only last for another less than two months, and i am glad to bring my signature work over to 2010. it will be a brand new year with a brand new chapter in my scrapbooking. and to make it a more awesome mark, i have now decided to have my work reach my customers and fb fans with my own signature.

a label-cut will be printed on 120gsm/150gsm card and pasted outside the back-cover of the book, or at the back of a bookmark, etc. what do you think?

free gifts for my customers
to show my appreciation, each customer will get either a bookmark or a mini-swing-undated-calendar, or both
thank you for your kind support

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

november order #3
the birthday girl's favourite colour is purple. therefore, i need to play around with the colours to blend well with purple. as she's still a young child, i challenge myself to make it pretty sweet for her age. and when i received the latest kit and saw 'bambi', i knew it's meant for her. i really hope she likes 'bambi'.