Thursday, March 31, 2011

project: mini album, 20cm x 20cm
contents: 8 sheets of 19cm x 19cm, 24 photo mats

my friend, kamsinah, has requested for a mini album as a gift to someone special. i put my 110% effort into this album, wanting to do only the best for her.

i find the end-result to be quite pretty different from my previous projects and i am so pleased with it. this project has helped to re-build my self-confidence and i have now decided to make a few more for my friends who have kindly helped my family during our difficult period. my target is to have all delivered by nov/dec this year.

above: i have applied this new technique for all separated photo-mats. this happened by accident actually. i wanted to punch a hole at the centre of top page but my poor judgment had made the hole punched a little bit to the left. i then decided to punch few more holes and played around with the ribbon, trying to tie the ribbon neatly. and as i cut the ribbon longer then i should, i later made a criss-cross and tied a bow at the last hole. nice?

above: my favourite two pages coz i love the colourful ladybugs. the page on the right is smaller in size as it is an envelope-page.

above: a clearer picture of the criss-cross ribbon

my favourite birdcage photo-mat